How Does It Work ?

We can collect carpet tiles virtually anywhere in the United Kingdom . The tiles come from high-rise office blocks, facilities management companies and government projects etc. Through a synergy with other companies we can guarantee a zero to landfill when dealing with carpet tiles.

Want certification of our zero to landfill policy? We can provide it!

Do we take any/ all carpet tiles?

We typically accept bitumen, cushion and PVC backed carpet tiles, condition is not relevant. We do require that the tiles be palletised and wrapped, also no more than 1.2m high, this is usually 100 – 120m2 of carpet tiles. We always provide a criteria form as part of our work with you, ensuring you know exactly where you’re up to.

What Is The Cost?

It doesn’t cost the earth to work with us!

Landfill is never an option with us, and only use recycling in circumstances where reuse is not an option. Carpet tiles are a heavy product with many components that take up valuable room in a skip, when disposing.Further Flooring aims to eliminate skips and landfill in the process. Being a customer of ours you contribute to the social and environmental impact we have and can claim a unique set of CSR outputs for your company. This makes us both a commercially sound and environmental savvy decision to work with us.

Cost is dependant on the specifics of the project, such as; location of the material, quantity, transportation need and site time-frames all need to be considered. In many instances we can accept material at short notice, but please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Want to know more about our Take Back service? Please contact us.

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