Free Samples and Measuring Service

Further Flooring runs a free samples initiative. If you see a carpet tile on our website that you like, simply click the “Samples” button, fill out the form and we’ll send a sample to you free of charge!

When coordinating wall colours/ textures, including soft furnishings in the office, you want your environment to feel its best and that’s why free samples are such a good idea.

Even better… you can request multiple samples!

We can send any x3 samples completely free, although it should be noted that we do not send full size sample. Typically a sample is 1/5 the size of a regular carpet tile.

Most samples arrived with just a few days. If you have something more specific in mind then we will contact our manufacturer and see if we can meet your needs.

Free measuring service


  • Are you uncertain as to how many carpet tiles you need for your project? Further Flooring has a network of carpet contractors throughout the UK that provide free, no obligation pricing.
  • Not local to us? We provide a free measuring guide to all our customers. However, we would always advise in accordance with best practise to contact a professional if still uncertain.
  • Unsure where to start? The simplest way is to contact Further Flooring and see whether we can help.


  • Commercial/ Industrial customers we can provide an on-site service to adequately access your needs and requirements.
  • Further Flooring specialises in waste reduction and may be able to advise on waste minimisation.