Carpet Crash Course – Guide To Fitting

  • Always measure and then it’s best to add approximately 10% to the l area overall area to work out the number of tiles you need. – It’s always worth purchasing a few extra carpet tiles to allow for cuts and the need to replace those tile that become stained.
  • Select the correct tiles for the correct place. By this we mean you should consider the look and feel of the room. Also, practically how will the tiles react to the location they are placed, will they become sun damaged?
  • It’s worth considering patterning and the layout of your tiles. Will they look better mosaic of patterned?

  • Always start laying at the corner
  • Lay the carpet tiles carefully on the floor and ensure that you adequately push them together and leave no unsightly gaps.
  • Best not to slide the tiles, this can cause them to become contaminated with debris and force the adhesive up, through the joints.
  • Lay the tiles until you meet the opposing wall.
  • If using a spray adhesive, it is advisable to us a ‘Z’ motion whilst also ensuring you spray each corner.
  • Double sided tape works a charm in the short-term.

  • Best to use a sharp blade such as a Stanley knife to get precision cuts that are neat and tidy.
  • Top-tip: No ruler, no problem. Use another carpet tile as a straight edge!
  • Face and cut the tile backwards, flex the carpet tile so as it cracks and follow up using a sharp blade.

  • Ensure the face of the carpet tile is facing the floor
  • Mark at each end of the carpet tile where it overlaps onto the next tile. Using a marker pen or similar, alternatively pencil as the lead shows up well on the backing.
    Use a straight end, carpet tile or ruler for straight cuts.