Carpet Crash Course – Guide To Cleaning

There many different ways or methods to clean carpet tiles. Best practise is to implement a cleaning and maintenance schedule to keep them in tip-top condition.

It is always advisable to check the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines to ascertain what potential harsh or reactive chemicals may do to the carpet tiles.

You need the correct type of vacuum for the job when we specify that your carpet tiles may need cleaning prior to being laid.

The vacuum will require 160 millibars – This is probably the most important aspect when cleaning carpet tiles. Technical specifications for your vacuum will be specified on the vacuum itself. Upright vacuum and roller brushed types are usually the most effective. It’s also worth emptying your dust bag in the vacuum to ensure optimal suction.

Dry powder is another common method to clean carpet tiles, especially those that are synthetic low-pile carpets such as our carpet tiles. Dry powder working via its cleaning agent that binds that dirt together, enabling it to be vacuumed. It’s a very simple, yet effective method. Just apply the powder to the laid carpet tiles, wait for 30 minutes, before giving a thorough vacuum and ensure the powder is fully removed. It is worth checking each individual powder specifications before applying.

Typically carried out by professionals. A detergent is usually applied and allowed to soak into the flooring/ carpet tiles. A device with rotating brushes is then moved back and forth over the surface. This motion lift the dirt, which is then sucked up and into the vacuum. Although your carpet will be left largely dry, it may still be a bit wet/ damp in places.

Another professional method, typically carried out by professionals. A solution is applied to the carpet tiles after laying. The solution is then initially left to soak in before being brushed and creating a foam-like substance on the top of the carpet tiles. The foam that container the debris and dirt is then removed.

It is worth noting that this method can take quite a long time to dry afterwards.

Our last professional method to clean carpet tiles. A detergent is applied to the carpet tiles and then jetted clean using a high pressure washer. Lastly the tiles are vacuumed clean, this is a necessary step in the process otherwise they may become damaged.

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